How To Set Your Temperature

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How To Set Your Temperature 

Let’s begin with your starting temperature!
To achieve this, you need to follow these quick and easy steps featured in step 1.

1) Turn off your gas bottle and run water through your shower head this will give us the “Starting / Ambient Temperature”, let's say it is 22°c.

Now we have the starting temperature - Turn off your shower head, turn on the gas bottle, and lets do the following settings:

2) Turn the Gas dial to MIN and Water dial to MIN. 

In Summer Mode you will get around a 6-10°c temperature rise depending on your model which means if our starting temperature was 22°c then it will reach around 28-32°c.

In Winter Mode on these same settings you will get around a 16-20°c temperature rise which means if our starting water temperature is 22°c this will make it 38-42°c.

If you are in the Winter Mode and you want the water a little bit cooler you can slightly adjust the water dial up a fraction. 

If you would like the water hotter in the Winter Mode you will need to turn the gas dial up. 

Keep in mind Smarttek Hot Water Systems do have a temperature cut off sensor of around 50-57°c which means the hot water system will shut down if it gets too hot. 

SUMMER = 6°C – 10°C
WINTER = 16°C – 20°C

Tips & Tricks

If your Hot Water Water System Does shut down from reaching the temperature cut of sensor. Your System will need a moment to cool down. Do this by running cold water through your system
(gas off) or letting it sit for 30-60 seconds. This will help the mercury temperature cut off sensor re-solidify. 


If selecting the MAX water flow setting on your hot water system you will need to be using at least a 6LPM pump.

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